Post #11

Name that boat:

Trollin’ for Bitches

Homeward Blonde

Don’t Patronize Me

Shiver me Timbers of Cock

Oldies but Goodies

Angela’s Ashes

Moulin Spooge



A Boat’s First Dump: The Story of the Fatties Who Couldn’t Swim

If It Fits In My Vagina, It’ll Fit in Your Boat II

All Abored

Dick Gravy

Dick Dribblin’

Hey! That’s my Dick!

Bit O Honey Cum

Heidi’s Rash

Captain Sneaky’s Whore-Fuckin’ Titty-Suckin’ Wild Ride to Spoogeville

Chesticles: The Musical

Big Cockin’: Floatin’ on the juicy river of cum

Willie Winkie’s Stinky

Seamen’s Taste

Dick Durbin

The Lion King of Dick

Sniff This, Mama

Late Night Sneaky Uncle

Sheeho’s Gay Sex Room


Post #10

Captain Sneaky’s Whore-Fuckin’ Titty-Suckin’ Wild Ride to Spoogeville

Post #9

Hold both ends of the lace straight. Pull both ends tight. Lace the cayenne flavored wire through the sensitive area of the eyebone.

Tonight’s menu

Kefir ‘n trollops

Post #8


If I can’t sell it, keep sitting on it

Shave me dry

P—- P—-

Post #7

Hair of the douche

Post #6

Gumming on toothsome syrups of mosquitoes and silverfish, they were suckin’ teet on his flue.

Post #5

Paw-Paw applied a generous dollop of rancid bacon grease to his colossal steak shaft, stuffed it into Little Sister’s hot bologna bubblegum, and whipped her jelly ’til the butter came.